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Welcome To Yoga Stages
Welcome To Yoga Stages
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Welcome to Yoga Stages with Shevy Katan

In a time where it becomes challenging to pull ourselves away from our many screens, our yoga practice becomes the opportunity to quietly return home to our bodies and settle with in ourselves. To simply check in with how we are doing, moment to moment.

I believe that no matter what stage you are in your practice, or the variety of needs that bring you to your mat, yoga teaches us all how to make friends with our bodies as they are, and invites us to be strong, flexible and open in the face of life’s many challenges.



Saturday Afternoon At The Shala

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Practice Of The Month

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. - Antoine de Saint Exupery
We live in our heads more than we consciously live in our bodies, hardly ever taking the time to to stop what we are doing to feel.  All too often we rely heavily on our sense of sight letting the other four senses fade in the background. Pausing to take in our physical bodies, fully exploring what a dynamic, living, breathing organism we truly are can change the way we perceive ourselves. We are recreating life one cell at a time one breath at a time. What extraordinary beings that makes us! February can be the month you pledge to love yourself. To see your body as your ally and embrace that its here to help realize and actualize your dreams. Meditation whether it's a moving one or seated, will give you the skills to sit patiently and kindly with yourself. Learn to watch whatever comes up, thoughts, emotions without judgement or censorship. Learning to love yourself unconditionally is the first step to uncovering the basic goodness that lives within. Uncovering our basic goodness is often described as polishing a precious stone, we are wiping away all the emotional and psychological dirt that obscure the view of our true-selves shining bright. Accept wholeheartedly the bright diamond you are and watch how love will be drawn to you, moving through you as naturally as your breath. Then sit back and enjoy how every day is your valentine.

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