About Shevy

I was first introduced to yoga while working in corporate America and used the practice to ease the stress of the 8-hour work day. I soon found that the benefits of the practice helped me develop a clear sense of self. I realized working in a corporate environment was not stimulating my creativity or helping me find ways to be more joyful. I turned to teaching vinyasa yoga as a way of paying forward the jewels of this practice to others.

My classes are about helping students breathe and become curious about themselves while building physical strength and flexibility in basic or challenging poses. I encourage my students to ask questions of themselves, ie; what are my habits? How do I react when asked to do something unfamiliar? Most importantly, where does my mind go as I sit in these asanas(poses)? I am a native New Yorker and also an actor. I incorporate my skills as a performer to help students be present in their practice.

I received certification from Om Yoga in 2005, Restorative TT from Om Yoga/Cyndi Lee,  Prenatal TT from Mia Borgatta/Ma Yoga, Level 3 Meditation TT with David Nichtern Senior teacher at Shambhala Center, NYC.