"... a greater sense of both calm and energy..."

When I started working with Shevy over 5 years ago I was suffering from frequent migraines, constantly exhausted and, like many new yorkers, generally stressed. In our first months together, Shevy and I worked a lot on my breath.... In particular, not holding and griping the breath as I moved through my vinyassa practice. As I learned to breathe on the mat, I brought that knowledge to daily life and realized that I had literally not been breathing. Working with Shevy, my practice developed further and I was able to incorporate other tenants of our time together into daily life... Increasingly, I approached both my work and personal life with a sense of openness, acceptance and breath. I have found my migraines significantly diminished and a greater sense of both calm and energy as I move through my day.

Nicole Torraco

"...a great teacher who still remains a student of their game..."

For the past ten years I have had the privilege of witnessing Shevy Katan develop into the skilled compassionate teacher she is today. Her outstanding qualities as a Yoga teacher mainly rest in her humble approach and constant interest her field. It's always a pleasure to attend a class from a great teacher who still remains a student of their game.... Shevy is without question one of those teachers.

Frank Mauro
Co-founder Now Yoga, NYC